Zippy, can you do magic?

Well, yes and no. Gnomes cannot do magic such as make things appear and disappear out of nothing. But we certainly have enhanced powers.

For instance, my name is Zippy because I can do things very fast – faster than humans. Therefore, if I like you and decide to help with your chores, everything can be done very quickly. But if you do something to upset a gnome, beware! All sorts of tricks will befall you. When you milk the cow its milk will turn sour, or perhaps your chickens won’t lay any eggs.

Not a problem, you’re thinking because how many people rely on cows or chickens these days? Not so fast, gnomes keep up with the times and we will find your weak spot; for instance, your car won’t start, your cell phone will get even more spoof calls than usual or fail to find a signal at an important moment… Suffice it to say, we may not do magic, but you really want to stay on a gnome’s good side.