The Gnome Door Chronicles

It was to look like a typical weekend camping trip, so as not to create suspicion to where young Susan and her grandfather were actually traveling. In the new juvenile fantasy novel by author Thomas Dillman, The Gnome Door Chronicles, Susan is on an adventure with Grandfather to a hidden land in his workshop, where she’s meeting an elf (and friend) named Bodkin. After opening the portal door, the Gnome Door, with a magical talisman, Susan and Grandfather are thrown headfirst into a quest from the beautiful elfish princess Ashley. The quest is to search for, and rescue, a dragon named Prax, who has connections with Grandfather, as does many of these new people Susan is meeting. The adventures continue as Susan learns of a familial connection to elves, befriends a witch and faces off against an unruly king and an evil wizard. This is definitely better than a camping trip!

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