Exhart Three Stacked Resin Cactus House w/Gnome

Give your home a touch of whimsy with Exhart’s solar-powered stacked cactus fairy house statue.

-VIBRANT GLOW FROM WITHIN: This layered garden statue of three cactus houses is not your ordinary garden decor. It features vibrant, solar LED lights from a solar panel. Make sure to display this outdoor décor anywhere it receives enough sunlight such as the patio, garden or yard. It turns on instantly at night, giving you a bright evening backdrop for long hours.

-DURABLE RESIN DECORATION: This LED fairy house decor is designed with resin; a durable plastic material known to mimic the look and feel of metals and stones. Exhart’s cactus fairy house resin statue can last years of breakage, discoloration, rusting and most weather conditions.


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