Notable Gnomes

Famous gnomes do pop up. While it's true most gnomes prefer to stay behind the scenes, there are exceptions. Occasionally a gnome steps out of the shadows, either by accident or choice. Here we share examples of gnomes who've gained fame, sometimes for a noble cause, oftentimes for less lofty reasons.

Dirty Bill

Famous gnomes come and go...Dirty Bill is one such a gnome. He got his start in 1999 with Jourdan Adler. Jourdan took him on cross country trips to concerts where he met celebrities like Courtney Love and Alice Cooper, documenting everything with photos.

He has since settled down and opened a dive bar in Austin, TX, where his vast celebrity and travel photo collection is displayed. Voted the best dive bar in Austin by Austin Monthly in 2017, be sure to stop in and get a selfie with Dirty Bill himself.


Gnorman Joins the Force

Gnorman joined the ranks of famous gnomes after being rescued from an irresponsible owner.  When he was rescued, Gnorman the Gnome was given an opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of entering law enforcement.



Just like Gnorman, this  little police gnome is here to protect and serve.

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Henry's Voyage of Self-Discovery

There's nothing remarkable about Henry. He's just a little gnome who woke up one day and realized he wanted more...more adventure, more excitement, more EVERYTHING. After all, gnomes don't live forever - just 400 or 500 years. And when time is that short, you can't afford to waste it!


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The Roaming Gnome

Possibly the most public face of 21st century gnomedom, the Roaming Gnome shills for the travel booking site, Travelocity. He suffers all for his art - being attacked by pirhanas and lions, lost in the Bermuda Triangle, or sent high above Earth in flimsy aerial balloons -all to make you smile. Just watch him go over the world's highest falls, at left.

You can help the Travelocity Gnome's adventures continue. Just get a Travelocity gnome of your own and he'll gladly follow you on your life journey.

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Howard the Gnome

Howard, the World's Tallest Gnome

Howard the Gnome is a celebrity in Victoria Island, Canada. Indeed, he is one of the most famous gnomes across the globe, because he is the tallest gnome in the world.

Howard is modest, maybe even a little shy about this fact. Nevertheless, he tries to stand straight and tall - just as his mother taught him.

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chrome gnome

Frankie, the Chrome Gnome

Frankie the Gnome likes to reflect on his surroundings - BIG TIME. He's chrome, you see, and that makes him unique among his gnome brethern.

He's needing a change of scenery though and has moved. He will soon be able to be found at Langwarrin’s McClelland Sculpture Park in Victoria, Australia. Lucky for him, he got to lie down and have a rest for the trip.



Paulus de Boskabouter

Paulus is a little forest gnome from the Netherlands who had his own comic strip from 1946 all the way to the mid 1980s. He had a lot of friends, a few foes, and plenty of adventures to share. He shared his exploits with Jan van Oort, who drew them up for people in many parts of the world to enjoy.

For a while, Paulus was so popular, he even had his own TV show. See an episode at right.

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Tim Hayashi skydiving with decorated garden gnome, Achilles.      SKYDIVING KIWIS

Achilles the Skydiving Gnome

Achilles the Garden Gnome's adventures began when he teamed up with gnomologist Henry Sunderland to bring awareness to environmental issues. Since then he's met with world figures like Jane Goodall and the Dalai Lama - and has the signatures to prove it.

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And here's an update on Achilles 

Christchurch gnomologist's 'whacky' gnome quest continues