Gnome’s Halloween!

With Halloween fast approaching, even the gnomes are getting prepared.

There are several ways you can incorporate a gnomish theme with Halloween. You can, of course, dress as a gnome. You can find items from around the house to make your own costume, or there are cute costumes you can purchase online.

Just like you and me, gnomes enjoy carving a pumpkin to light up. There are pumpkins of all sizes and colors to choose from, even adorable white ones. If you would like to keep your pumpkin from year to year, then it makes sense to head to the nearest craft store and purchase a Styrofoam pumpkin. Real pumpkins can handle candles, but if you choose to go with a fake pumpkin, make sure you get a plug-in LED light – no candles belong in a Styrofoam pumpkin! And while you can use regular kitchen knives to carve, the tools sold at many craft stores can make carving more intricate designs easier.

Next you need to decide if you want to be scary or sweet. If you want to be scary, you can trace a gnome stencil on your pumpkin to cut out, so the design lights up in relief. If you want to be sweet, you can stencil a little gnome home or perhaps can construct a pumpkin gnome home with miniature gnome figures – this could be used indoors or outdoors.

What ever you choose to do, let your inner gnome out!