Gnome Gnuggets

Gnome information can be hard to sort through sometimes. We have more fun things to share with you, but it doesn't always fall into a tidy category. If we can't figure out what category to put something under, then it must be a "Gnome Gnugget".  Hey, it makes sense to us!

Celebrating Garden Gnomes

On June 10, 2018, Google Doodles unveiled a garden gnome game to celebrate Garden Day in Germany - a day to celebrate gnomes and the historical role they play in German gardens.

Gnomes bring bounty and good luck throughout northern Europe. This game is too much fun not to give it a go:

PLAY: Google Doodle June 10, 2018, Garden Gnome Game


Miriam's Gnome - A Short Film

Sometimes we're lucky enough to see a gnome. Sometimes we just miss seeing them. But it doesn't really matter if we see them or not - especially if we have friends who keep an eye out for them when they happen to pay us a visit to our bedroom.

Miriam was lucky enough to have a gnome visit. Watch the video to see what happens!


Real Police Footage - Garden Gnomes Attack

As disappointing as the reality is, not all gnomes are good. Gnome information of this nature is hard to accept. But just like humans, they can get involved with the wrong sort and do bad things.

Also, some gnomes feel they have been forced into servitude by having to stand in gardens doing the bidding of humans - and when they rebel, it's not pretty.


How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack: Gnome-Proof Your Office

Most people think of happy little gnomes in their gardens, but angry gnomes are bound to show up anywhere to get their revenge. Knowing this important piece of gnome information, you can be ready for a garden gnome attack anywhere, even in an office setting.

This video gives you pointers of what to watch out for and how to defend yourself should disgruntled gnomes invade your office space!

To learn other ways to defend yourself from attacks by rogue garden gnomes, be sure to get a copy of this important book, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack.

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Unboxing! Goosebumps Movie Lawn Gnome Prop!

Ok, this video is weird. If you don't know what an unboxing video is, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a video of a person opening a box.

This video is a special prop gnome that was used in a Goosebumps movie. We jump directly to when the gnome emerges - because it's a long video of a grown man geeking out. If you want to see the entire video, just go back to the beginning.

We'd say enjoy - but it's still weird.



Sometimes gnomes get tired of their cutesy reputation. These gnomes got their Hollywood break starring in a commerical opposite Jean Claude Van Damme and being totally badass, so they went with it!

It did kind of ruin their opportunity when they went to try out for the movies "Gnomeo & Juliet" and "Sherlock Gnomes" though.


See the starring movie roles  of some of their more successful gnome brethern - the ones who decided to stick with the more typical sappy gnome story line.

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The Gnome Mobile

Not all gnome information is factual. The Gnome Mobile is a fictional story about two gnomes who are the last of their kind. Fictional, because clearly, gnomes are not endangered.

If you are older, you may have fond memories of this movie. If you are younger - here's your chance to see a delightful, if somewhat inaccurate, portrayal of our gnome friends.


If this movie clip intrigued you, or you've seen the movie and you want to relive some happy memories, you can rent the movie or even purchase it.

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Tom Clark Gnomes

Dr. Thomas F. Clark,  lead artist for Cairn Studios

Tom Clark Gnomes are appreciated and collected throughout the world.

Dr. Clark first started sculpting gnomes in 1978, after having seen the book "Gnomes" by the Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet. It became a lifetime avocation for him and he is now the lead artist for Cairn Studios, Ltd., located in Davidson, North Carolina. New gnomes are painstakingly sculpted and hand-cast to capture the minute details of each figure and all are limited editions.

Read the latest press release for Dr. Clark's Green Thumb Gnomes and learn more about him and his creations.


There are many Tom Clark gnomes available to purchase on Amazon

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Gnome Stump Home

Gnomes can be elusive, but they aren't unfriendly. In fact, once they have chosen a human or family to associate with, they are very loyal; that is, they will remain steadfast to you as long as YOU continue to be devoted to them.

They don't ask for much: a lovely little home, an occasional bowl of rice pudding with a pat of butter on it at Christmas, and you're pretty much good to go with them.

This gentleman shows how to turn a stump into a fabulous home for gnomes. Let's hope he's as good at fixing a bowl of Christmas rice pudding!