Gnome Friends & Foes

Love them or hate them, there is no inbetween with gnomes! It's not just your neighbor who enjoys or harbors ill will toward our gnome friends. Here we will explore some of the fey creatures - gnome friends and gnome enemies - who inhabit the world of the hidden folk.


Terry Sedgewick, Public Gnome Enemy #1

Hard as it is to believe, gnomes are not everyone's cup of tea. One of the worst perpetrators of violence against gnomes is a rather mousy-looking Australian fellow by the name of Terry Sedgewick.

In a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, Mr. Sedgewick went on a murderous rampage that left a huge number of gnomes dead or grievously injured. Even other gnome enemies were stunned by the brutality of this attack. Watch the video for an interview with this madman and to see the aftermath of his killing spree. TRIGGER WARNING: It is not for the faint of heart!


Trolls - Human and Gnome Enemy

Gnomes and trolls are sworn enemies (and to be honest, humans don't get along with trolls either!)

It makes sense, if you think about it. Gnomes are intelligent and a friend of nature and animals. They are elusive but continue to thrive.

Trolls, however, are stupid and destructive. That is why they have been hunted down through the centuries and there are so few left.


Trollhunter video (English subtitled)

Watch more adventures of the Norwegian called the "Troll Hunter" on this English-subtitled movie. Gnome friends and enemies have all said this is a "must see" documentary.

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Trolls - Did/do they exist

In the "olden" days, you did your best to avoid an encounter with a troll.  Why? Because trolls see the world in two main categories: 1. Troll 2. Not Troll. If you fell into category two you were also likely to be seen as their dinner.

Do trolls still exist? If they don't it's because they've been hunted into extinction. If that's the case, I think humans and gnomes might not feel so badly about that - what do you think?


The Fairy Tale Art of John Bauer (book)
"The World of Gnomes and Trolls" is filled with stories of trolls and their exploits.

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small-red-elf-homes-in-a-field-in iceland

Elves and the Icelandic Elf School

There are lots of different kinds of elves and it can get confusing. If you have trouble keeping them all straight, or if you would like to learn more about other "hidden folk", then you need to to go to school - Elf School - that is.

The Icelandic Elf School session is only one day long, but at the end of that day you get a diploma to proudly hang on your wall. Then, head out for your own meet-and-greet with some little people!



Raga, The Elf Whisperer of Iceland

There is a park just outside of Rejkyavik, Iceland, dedicated to elves. The park manager, Raga, has a special affinity for elves and often sees them pottering about. In fact, over 50% of Iceland believes in elves and other "hidden folk".

Raga was instrumental in making sure an elf church was spared from a road construction project and moved to a more secure spot. This saved the country countless PR headaches, not to mention the havoc angry elves would have wreaked had their church been destroyed.


Gnome friend fairy


Fairies are enchanting creatures, literally! Because of the moody nature of these sprites, gnomes don't view them as 'friend' or 'foe' - it all depends on the fairy's state of mind when they meet. Like gnomes they have a great love of nature, and they will exact revenge quickly on anyone they perceive to be harming the environment.

Because of their strong magical powers and their ability to shapeshift quickly, you will probably never see a fairy. If you stumble across a ring of mushrooms in the forest though, this is the sacred fairy ring. Look around quickly. If you observe a small frog, dragonfly, or small animal scurrying away, rest assured - you have just had an encounter with a fairy.

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5 Fairies Caught in Real Life 2018

Now, we know you are here because you've seen gnomes - you're convinced, you believe! But fairies, c'mon...who in their right mind believes in fairies?

Well, seeing is believing - right? Take a look see at the video and we know you will walk away fully persuaded.

Seeing is believing and this beautifully illustrated book will have you and your children looking at each gorgeous illustration to make sure you haven't missed a single fairy!

This beautifully illustrated book will have you and your children looking at each gorgeous illustration to make sure you haven't missed a single fairy!

(The Gnome-Zone may earn a small fee for any purchases made through this link.)