Little Gnome Facts

What are the facts about gnomes, what do we know about them? Not a lot! They enjoy sharing tidbits about themselves - but they dance around the details so you never know what gnome info to believe.  Yes, gnomes are puzzling creatures - sometimes friendly, sometimes elusive, but in the end they're unknowable to humans – just as they've alway intended!


The Facts About Gnomes and Germany

Gnomes originally hail from Northern Europe. Traditionally they wore red pointed hats and carried lanterns, but in recent years they've branched out and now sport all kinds of different colors and styles.

Just like you and me, they like to follow trends and no longer feel confined to their time-honored role of guarding the garden. It's a whole new world!

gnome in lotus pose

Namaste. (Or should we say Gnomaste?) Here's a gnome who's kept up with the times. This Zen little fellow is available at Amazon



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History of the Garden Gnome

Want to know even more facts about gnomes? When and how did they migrate to our shores? Why do they look the way they do? Aren't these the questions that keep YOU up at night?


Gnomes bookThis book will answer a lot of your pressing gnome questions. Written by Wil Huygen in 1977, it is a great source of gnome lore.


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gnome hiding behind ferns
Image by Melly95 from Pixabay

The Story Behind Garden Gnomes Is More Compelling Than You Might Think

We've all heard of Snow White and the seven dwarves (ahem...they were gnomes actually, but I digress). But have you heard of Sir Charles Isham and his 21 garden gnomes?

Well, once upon a time back in 1847, Sir Charles Isham was followed back to England - after trip to Nuremberg, Germany - by 21 little gnomes. Now these little guys took up residence in...wait, why not read the article and get all the gnome info for yourselves?



Battle Gnomes - Defending Gardens One Zucchini at a Time

Gnomes are peaceful, nature-loving individuals - usually. But there is a subset of gnomes who are more restless and combative by nature.

Shawn Thorsson of Petaluma, CA, helps these gnomes channel their more aggressive tendencies by outfitting them to join a militia that battles for truth, justice, and collard greens.



Human Garden Gnome - More Gnome Facts (Weird Jobs in History)

Want to know even more weird facts about gnomes? Well, they can be shy, they're a bit free spirited, plus they don't typically look for employment.

But what if you really, REALLY, want to hire a garden gnome? Hmm...there are ways around that!