Gnomes Need a Place to Live Too!

In keeping with Gnome Construction Week (Oct. 13-19) let’s talk about the things YOU can do to invite gnomes into your yard!

Gnomes are just like you and me – they want someplace cozy and nice to live. This is where you come into the picture. You have the ability to put together a showplace for gnomes with very little effort. Do you have a tree stump that might be expensive to remove? No problem – you can turn that unsightly stump into a home befitting a gnome with just some scrap lumber and a weekend or two.

You don’t need to be a master craftsman to attract gnomes to your yard – all you need is a willingness to be a little creative. After all, gnomes are rustic little fellows and don’t require gold-plated luxury. If you put in the effort, they will acknowledge it and honor your endeavors with their presence.

Watch the video and let this gentleman, Paul Elkins, show you how to construct a fabulous home any gnome would be PROUD to take up residence in – from a tree stump in his yard.