Gnome News (Is Good News...Usually)


We uncover news about gnomes. Usually the news we uncover is happy, sometimes it's whimsical, occasionally it's curious or downright baffling. But whatever morsels we dig up, we promise to share them with you. Hey, you love gnomes - this is THE place to hear what's up with them!


Macaulay Culkin Blows Up a Gnome

Most of us have fond memories of Macaulay Culkin from his starring role in "Home Alone". But if you remember, his character, Kevin, thwarts the bad guys through rather violent means.

Evidently some of these rather violent tendencies have rubbed off on Macaulay in real life. In his 2019 Christmas campaign for Happy Socks Macaulay subjects an innocent garden gnome to a random act of violence (or we presume's only implied).

The title of the commercial is "Naughty or Nice" - we vote NAUGHTY.


Get your own sweet gnome cookie jar. We're sure you'll be nicer to it than that "Home Alone" kid!


The Mystery of the Kansas Gnome Homes

Gnomes and their homes provide a community with mystery, compassion, and love.

This is a piece of news about gnomes that is sure to bring a smile to your face and, perhaps, a tear to your eye.

Six piece gnome tree decoration outdoor garden accent
Here's another piece of good gnome news - you can welcome gnomes to your garden by building them a small home with these gnome home supplies.


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Freeing gnomes around the world from "forced" labor.

The shadowy world of the sinister Gnome Liberation Front - Gnome News

They're a shadowy group who creep round people's gardens and when they'll strike next, nobody gnomes.

These extremists have kidnapped thousands, sent scary ransom notes and, in one disturbing case...

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Jenna the jail break gnome Jenna the Jail Break Gnome didn't wait for the Gnome Liberation Front to free her. She took matters into her own hands and dug her way to freedom.


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Do gnomes live underwater? Apparently some do. Divers are searching for these elusive underwater gnomes in England.

Underwater garden gnomes tea party

The wild scenery and 2,000 foot drop of “The Screes” into England’s deepest lake is the last place you would expect to find a garden tea party of gnomes. Wastwater, in the western part of the Lake District National Park, is the deepest lake...

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Snorkling beach bum gnome

Further proof that gnomes exist underwater! This cute underwater gnome is just waiting for you to add him to your garden or pool.

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755 ‘gnomes’ gathered in Atlanta to break the Guinness World Record

Here's a bit of older news about gnomes: It only took a decade — but an Atlanta group says they have beaten the Guinness World Record for the "largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes."

Exactly 755 participants met in an area, outlined in the shape of a mushroom, wearing the mandated pointy red hats and other gnome-related garments ...

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Students improve their reading skills while gnomes enjoy stories they wouldn't normally get to hear. It's a win-win!


Special needs students read to gnomes

Who doesn't appreciate a good book? Gnomes certainly do and they love when anyone takes time out of their day to read aloud to them.

Amongst themselves, gnomes speak Gnomish. Speaking to humans, they adopt the language of their home country - often German, Scandinavian, or Dutch. If they emigrate to the US, older gnomes often have trouble with English (unless they come from England). So being read to in English is a treasured experience. Being read to by children makes it even more special.


Gnomes love to hear about themselves and this book's perfect for reading aloud. This new storybook tells of a fellow who thinks he's different, but learns he's more similar to his fellow gnomes than he thinks.

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