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Zippy, can you do magic?

Well, yes and no. Gnomes cannot do magic such as make things appear and disappear out of nothing. But we certainly have enhanced powers. For instance, my name is Zippy because I can do things very fast – faster than humans. Therefore, if I like you and decide to help with your chores, everything can…

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Zippy, how do gnomes celebrate Christmas?

Our Christmas celebrations are much more meaningful than what you see in the United States today. We don’t ever buy gifts, we always make them for each other. You should try that, be a little less material about the holiday! We don’t have our own Christmas trees, but we LOVE to come to see your…

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Zippy, what is your favorite color?

It is difficult for me to think of one color as my favorite. It depends on the time of year, you see. In the spring, I adore the fresh soft green of the new tree buds as they unfurl. In the summer, I just can’t pick – the sky is so bright a blue, there…

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