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Little Gnome Facts

What are the facts about gnomes? Are you fascinated by these creatures? The Gnome-Zone's resident gnome, Zippy, is eager to introduce to you the charm, lore and culture of his ancestors.

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Gnome Friends and Foes

Love them or hate them, there is no in between with gnomes! It's not just your neighbor who enjoys or harbors ill will toward our gnome friends. Here we will explore some of the fey creatures - gnome friends and gnome enemies - who inhabit the world of the hidden folk.

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Little Gnome Spots

Where do gnomes live? If you'd like to do a little gnome-spotting, we've included a few locales to up your chances of sighting a gnome in the wild. Keep your eyes peeled though, they are quick on their feet and have mastered the art of concealment. You may want to see a gnome, but do they want to see you?

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